Bloomfield Flats Custom Cedar Furniture, Comox Valley, BC
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Custom cedar furniture, Courtenay, Comox Valley, BC

We offer outdoor furniture in the classic “Eastcoast” style and our newly designed “Westcoast” style. The two styles come in single chairs, loveseats and combos (two chairs joined by a tabletop). Custom orders to suit your personal needs are welcome. This is a value added product from Vancouver Island forests.

Close attention is paid to finding quality cedar from local sawyers. It is further selected to ensure the best structural quality and to provide an outstanding visual appearance. Western Red Cedar is the best choice of wood for the Pacific Northwest climate.


Red Cedar's resistance to decay is legendary (imagine the totems still standing in the rain forest after hundreds of years). We use galvanized and ceramic coated fasteners to “keep it all together”. Stainless steel is available at extra cost. We do not put a finish on our furniture as personal choice varies. We offer a range of sizes due to the fact that we are not all created equal. Our “Westcoast” chair has a higher seat for easier exit. This furniture is built to handle the most robust individuals and yet be pleasing to the eye and exceptionally comfortable.

Product research has proven that this unfinished cedar furniture will have a minimum 25 year life, longer if shown any care, offering the most in value.

This furniture makes excellent birthday, anniversary, wedding or retirement gifts and adds functional elegance to any home, garden, patio or cottage.

Our philosophy on making furniture is simple.

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Is it quality workmanship?
  • Will it last?
  • This is furniture for the Soul!
Durable Cedar Furniture that lasts!
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